4 Reasons Why Concrete Floor Finishing is Better Than Unfinished Concrete

Concrete in its simplest form is a very durable material. It has been used for flooring in warehouses and industrial plants for many years. This doesn’t mean that it makes for an effective and attractive flooring for many other purposes. This is why over the years we have learned that finishing, polishing, or grinding the concrete into a nice shine is exactly what makes this durable material into something that is also quite attractive. Concrete floor finishing has become standard for many concrete floors and there are a number of reasons why. Once you read, you will undoubtedly rush out to find concrete polishing and finishing services that can turn your “raw” floors into beautiful concrete flooring.

1. It prevents dust.

If the surface of the concrete is smooth, it is more likely to be dust-free. Unpolished concrete allows incredibly tiny dust particles to push to the top, leaving a very fine dust on the surface that is called efflorescence. This creates a film on the surface of the concrete. It also damages the epoxy coating that is on the concrete floor, which in turn leads to costly repairs. This dust is actually quite difficult to clean and become quite a nuisance.

2. Maintenance costs are much lower.

If a concrete floor isn’t finished with proper polishing, it can gradually wear down much faster from the everyday things like tires, foot traffic, and stain due to a multitude of things. This will result in all kinds of additional costs in order to get the floor in a decent state. There are a number of other, less obvious ways in which it saves money. The reflective surface that is created by the concrete improves the lighting in the rooms, which saves money in various ways. It also is non-abrasive, which causes less damage to tires that would be on a car or transport vehicles. All of these save money in all kinds of small ways that ultimately add up to big savings in the long run.

3. They are beautiful.

Polished concrete flooring is very often mistaken for a more “luxurious” marble counterpart. Why? Because it has a sleek look that people love. Unpolished concrete is not shiny and looks “rough” and unattractive.

4. Polished concrete can come in different designs and colors.

When finishing concrete floors, you actually have options for creating different designs and colors that can go with the aesthete of the space it is in. This option can result in a huge amount of creative possibilities, both for residential and commercial spaces. Once you look at your options, you won’t believe the difference between finished and unfinished concrete flooring.

[June 10, 2014]