T-2440 Polisher


The Diamatic VELOX Power Trowel Polishing System is a high-production, high-performance wet polishing system for large commercial and retail floors. VELOX is an 8-foot, hydraulic assist steering, ride-on power trowel engineered with a true driven active planetary design with 10 grinding heads that holds a total of 40 diamond tooling. VELOX can also be used on new placement finishing.

Grinding Width: 96 in.

Power: Kabuta 31 HP

Dimensions: L 98″ x W 50″ x H 60″

Weight: 1760 lbs

Grinding Head: 10

Number of Tools: 40

  • Wet Polishing
  • Active Planetary Design
  • Flex Head and Quick Change Tooling Technology
  • Easy ride-on with On-Screen Technology
  • 6 high Intensity LED lights

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