The 3 Most Fundamental Processes of Building Polished Concrete Floor

Polished Concrete Dominates the Construction Industry

In the last decade, polished concrete flooring has witnessed a tremendous rise in its demand for both corporate, government and residential structures. Today, the majority of designers and architects are recommending polished concrete for flooring; it is the inherent sustainable qualities of concrete, and the advent of advanced polishing tools and equipment that has made them lead the industry.

Polished concrete is the one and only flooring system which can be restored on site. Taking into account its energy-saving design and eco-friendly characteristics, there is no other flooring option available in the industry that can outshine polished concrete floors.

Following are the three most basic processes involved in building or renewing polished concrete floor:


Heavy grinding tools and equipment are used to first grind the concrete. Most of the grinding equipment have a diamond or silicon carbide discs that are channeled with high voltage three phase motor to smoothen the top layer of concrete floor. Whether you are building a polished concrete floor from scratch or simply resurfacing dull looking concrete floor, grinding is an inevitable process to obtain the result.

In addition to concrete, the grinding machines can be used to pulverize marble and granite. The discs in these machines are removable. In the market, you will find a great variety of grinding discs with different grits. Grinding process usually begins with a lower grit disc, which is mainly intended to remove the dust and debris from the top most layer of the concrete. Then, you can add the higher grit discs to obtain the glossy texture you dream about. You can easily buy grinding equipment online these days. Or it is also advisable to rent used grinding equipment at a lower price. The choice is yours!

Concrete Dust

The existence of silica in the concrete generates a large amount of unsafe dust during the grinding process. With the increasing speed of the grinder discs, the quantity of the dust generated in the process is also increased. Wearing a top-quality mask is compulsory; else the dust coming out in the grinding process can badly hurt your lungs.

Either you can connect a vacuum cleaner with your grinder which will soak up the dust before it get spread in the air, or follow a wet grinding method in which you can add water in concrete during the grinding process. The second alternative requires more manpower and is a bit more expensive as well.

Polishing – The Ultimate Touch

If you want a glossy floor, polishing is a must. Concrete grinders are also used as a polishing machine. You simply need to increase the grit of the grinding disc. Once polished, you can use the floor as it is, or add some textures with the advanced equipment or discs available in the market. You can also buy polished concrete machines from Diamatic USA.

Polished concrete has a longer Lifecycle in comparison to other flooring options available in the market such as wood, carpet or bamboo. Based on the quality of concrete, a well-polished concrete floor will last forever and set you free from the need of torn carpet, negative environmental effects on the floor and reduce the maintenance cost dramatically.

[January 10, 2013]