Thinking of Leasing Concrete Polishing Equipment?

Okay, I know you’re out there. Where are all the weekend warriors that just love to do home renovations and repairs? I’m with you. If I can learn something and save money by doing it myself, I’m right in the thick of things. I’ve done it all; replaced windows, put carpeting down, repaired drywall, installed a new toilet. Most of these projects were relatively simple and used tools and equipment I already had on hand. Now I’m thinking of a new project. Redoing my garage floor and replacing it with polished concrete. I know, it sounds crazy. There is a method to my madness. I have rebuilt several old cars over the years and would like to put them in a showcase type of situation. I envision gleaming concrete floors highlighting the polished underside of the cars and making the shiny paint jobs just pop.

Of course, this project will differ from others because I don’t have any of the polished concrete machines on hand. Oh, and I’ve seen the prices. No chance I’ll be buying any. The next best thing for this weekend warrior to do is look into leasing concrete polishing equipment. Like everyone who is starting something unfamiliar, I’m reading up on it. I’ve become aware of the process and exactly what I will need to do this. Now the difficult part, where do I find polished concrete machines to lease? A coworker came to the rescue. He told me about Diamatic. Diamatic is a company that deals with polished concrete. And they lease their equipment.

I contacted the folks at Diamatic to discuss the availability of the machines I would require. I started out looking at a scraper. This monster of a machine scrapes off old flooring to prepare the surface for the concrete. When the concrete is poured I’m pretty sure I can make it even, but if I mess it up I can use a shaving a milling machine to level it off. Now the fun part, the grinding and polishing. The people at Diamatic will advise me on which grinding and polishing machine to lease for the type of concrete I’m using. Great! One less mistake for me to make. Then I can use a micro polisher to make the floor shinier than you can imagine. There are even concrete treatments to seal in that shine.

Yes, I can’t wait to start this project. By leasing concrete polishing equipment I can save money, do this project myself for a feeling of accomplishment and give my show cars a beautiful new surface to park on. The weekend can’t get here fast enough!

[December 29, 2014]