Top 8 Reasons to Choose Polished Concrete Floors

Gone are the days when concrete was considered only at places where the appearance of the floor doesn’t matter at all. If the terminology ‘Concrete floor’ reminds you of a dull gray floor, you must be leaving behind the caves from last few years. Polished concrete floors have created a lot of buzz in the market these days.  Below are the top 8 reasons why polished concrete can be a good choice:

1. Dust-free Surfaces

Micro-polishing machines and other advanced machineries are available in the market that save you from dusty surfaces, which mainly occur due to efflorescence. If your floor is unpolished, the tiny particles of the dust can easily stick to the floor and then get into the curtains, carpets, furniture and perhaps your lungs. Polished concrete keeps dust off your floor and reduce your maintenance cost considerably.


2. Higher Durability

Concrete floor gets deteriorated due to rain, mechanical stress, de-lamination, cold and joint shoulder failure as the time passes. The process of concrete polishing removes the top layer of current concrete surface and hardens the coating beneath. Polished concrete thrives on the higher value of abrasion resistance and impact resistance which tremendously improves the strength of concrete floor.


3. Give Glossy Appearance

Polishing will enhance the look and feel of your floor and decrease the cost of lighting too. So, it’s a great way to cut down on your energy bills and improve the beauty of your floorings.


4. You Won’t Get Slipped!

Unlike other coating material, polished concrete, be it wet or dry, has a higher level of fractional co-efficient. Simply put, the floor may look like a glass but it is harder to get slip on it.


5. Pocket-friendly

Polished concrete is highly affordable alternative in the market today. You can save a noticeable amount on lighting and floor maintenance, which makes it an economical option for everyone.


6. Say Goodbye to Waxing and Stripping!

If you are choosing for a polished concrete floor, you are no more required to allocate budget for waxing and stripping of the floor system. This will help you save a big amount of labor and material cost.


7. Aesthetically Appealing

Polished concrete floor system is much similar to marbles in appearance, as it is equally smooth and sleek. Thus for hospitals, ultra modern offices and many other types of buildings, polished concrete is the ultimate answer when it comes to beautiful floor system.


8. It’s a solution for a lifetime!

When the question is of the long-lastingness, polished concrete is second to none. In case you need to re-polish the floor, polished concrete rejuvenation is done at a fraction of the cost of any other floor system.

Is your floor looking worn, dirty and tired?  Or do you want to enhance the appearance of your floor without breaking your bank? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, polished concrete floor is the right alternative. Diamatic USA has advanced machines for polishing concrete floors both on sale and for rent. So, when are you rejuvenating your floor?

[November 21, 2012]