Types of Concrete Polishing Equipment

Modern used concrete polishing equipment is certainly designed to do “what it says on the box.” The majority (and best) types of polished concrete equipment is available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of the user. Nobody wants to tackle an immense floor with a small, hand held concrete floor polisher and it would be just as difficult to manoeuvre a large concrete polisher in a small, confined space.

So what are the basic choices when it comes to concrete polishing equipment?

  • Laser cut precision is essential for the smallest to the largest types of industrial concrete polishing equipment. Good things come in small, medium and large packages.
  • Single disc, dual head. These fabulous machines are designed with dependability in mind while being relatively easy to use and they have as little environmental impact as possible. No matter whether you are polishing your own garage floor or a large, industrial unit, you still need to make the job as easy as possible for the cheapest possible price.
  • Polished concrete equipment is just the first part of the puzzle when it comes to polishing concrete floors. They can be used to grind “virgin” unpolished concrete floors, to remove old paints, varnishes, glues, and other materials.
  • Micro-polishers are the ideal piece of equipment to buff up both concrete floors and terrazzo stone floors. They can really make the surface shine and are regularly used to enhance and finish off nice new floors as well as helping to rejuvenate older, established concrete or stone floors. These are the perfect pieces of concrete polishing equipment for many types of establishments including retail stores, sports complexes, schools and other institutes, warehouses, stores, car dealerships . . . all over the place!

Don’t forget that once you’ve ground your concrete floor there’s bound to be lots of dust. Concrete dust collection can be a little tough for ordinary, household type vacuums, but there’s a range of purpose-built vacuum cleaners which have been designed to be used with concrete polishing equipment. These machines are more than up to the job of collecting and vacuuming the concrete dust, helping to keep the area clean and ready for the next process and type of polished concrete equipment.

A polished concrete floor can make a real difference in many different applications. They are perfect for residential properties, agricultural buildings, industrial units, commercial areas and more.

[January 19, 2015]