Types of Polished Concrete Flooring

The choice of flooring in a home is a very important one. The right flooring can enhance the value of a home. Homeowners also have certain expectations for their flooring choice. They expect to be able to clean it, they expect it to last and they expect it to be affordable. It is possible to make a good argument for many different types of flooring, including polished concrete flooring. Once a person has decided on their flooring, they often need to take the next step and decide exactly what type of that flooring they want. Polishing concrete floors allows homeowners to create many different unique looks. There are several types of concrete floor finishes to pick from. It is a good idea to learn what some of these are.

The types of polished concrete floors can range from a matte finish to a glossy finish. There are also differences in the amount of aggregate that is exposed.


The first type of concrete flooring to consider is the polished variety. There are many different ways to polish the floor. Polishing concrete can allow you to get a cream polish finish that provides an almost mirror like finish. This polish requires a high level of skill to get right, but is a very desirable look. A salt and pepper finish can still have a nice shine, but it is not as smooth as other finishes. Small cracks and holes can often be seen with this polish. As a third option, you have the aggregate polish. This is often the most costly finish that is applied to a floor and it has to be done right to look good.


It is always important to seal the polished concrete flooring that is done. The sealer keeps other liquids from penetrating the concrete flooring once it has been polished. Concrete sealers can help prevent slipping and make it easier to clean the floor. Sealers can be clear or they can come in different colors.


With the help of a circular saw, it is possible to create shallow lines in the concrete. These lines will resemble the grout lines of tile. When used with the right coloring and polish, the results can make the concrete look like many other types of natural stone tiles that people like.


If the concrete has not already dried, it can be stamped. The stamped allows a pattern to be put into the concrete that can make it appear like stone or a specific pattern of your choosing. This can only be done when the concrete is freshly poured.

[November 17, 2014]