Architectural Polished Concrete Systems

ULTRAFLOR® Architectural Polished Concrete System is a specifically designed process that produces an extremely hardened, dust-proof, reflective surface that imparts chemical, abrasion and stain resistance to concrete floors.

Through the ULTRAFLOR® Architectural Polished Concrete System ordinary concrete floors are transformed into highly decorative, quality floor surfaces well suited for high-end retail, commercial, institutional, and architectural applications.

The ULTRAFLOR® System is a graduated multi step, precision process for the polishing of concrete surfaces resulting in highly unique decorative concrete floors and highly reflective surfaces.  The system creates a floor that significantly reduces overall life-cycle costs and maintenance, providing numerous environmental benefits.

This one of a kind system incorporates proper substrate preparation, high performance concrete toppings, concrete treatments, the mechanical process and finishing treatments that result in the ultimate polished concrete floor.  The ULTRAFLOR® System extends the life of the floor well beyond typical polishing processes.

Environmentally Friendly

ULTRAFLOR® Architectural Treatments utilizes low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which makes it an environmentally friendly surface. There are no coatings applied, such as epoxies, urethanes, or waxes. There is no slurry or hazardous waste. Polished concrete floor systems are also recognized by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and LEED certification as an environmentally friendly flooring option. Specifically, the polished concrete floor advantages for LEEDs relates to lower use of interior lights, use of existing floor system and low VOC use.

Lower Lifetime Cost

Another benefit of the ULTRAFLOR® Architectural Polished Concrete System is lower maintenance cost. In high traffic areas especially, such as schools, hallways and corridors, ULTRAFLOR® holds up better and lasts longer than traditional floor covering systems. Not only are polished concrete floors easy to clean, requiring only damp mopping, they can resist scuff marks and tire marks. They also eliminate the need for messy waxes or coatings, as well as the associated labor, time, and expense to apply them.


Course Details:

Provider – DIAMATIC™ USA

Location – DIAMATIC™ USA Northeast Facility • 622 Grand Road, Folcroft, PA 19032

Location- BLASTRAC HQ • 13201 N Santa Fe Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Course Summary:

This course is based on industry standards and relevant information. The presentation offers information not found in typical training programs. The level of educational content in this program is of the highest level. Our course developer is a voting member on 2 – ACI committees and has more than 35 years experience in the concrete industry. Attendees will receive certification documents upon completion of this course.

Learning Objectives:

meet your trainer: clark branum

Diamatic is proud to have Clark Branum as the Program Manager and Trainer for Diamatic USA. Clark has logged in more than 30 years in the concrete industry and he is responsible for the specification of our brands ULTRAFLOR® and SILEX®.

He began his career in the Seattle area spending more than 24 years as flatwork finisher. He has worked throughout the Northwest including Alaska. He went on to develop and conduct distributor and contractor training programs for Brickform Products in the United States and internationally, Serving as they’re Technical Director.

Branum serves on the board of directors of the Decorative Concrete Council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) and is a member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI). He is currently serving on two ACI committees: 601-D Certification Committee for Decorative Concrete Finishers and C-310 Design and Construction Practices for Decorative Concrete.

He also is a lecturer at Cal State Chico for the CIM (Concrete Industry Management Program), and works on projects with the students as much as his time will allow.

He has been a regular speaker at the World of Concrete and he has worked on projects worldwide including; Hong Kong Disney, Venetian Macao, and Top City Beijing China. He currently resides in the Seattle area with his family.



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MAY 19-20, 2021: FOLCROFT, PA