Many Options for Used Concrete Grinding Equipment

Why pay more when used equipment gets the job done? Rent used equipment and get everything you need accomplished out of a concrete grinding (or polishing) project. Or if you have to buy, at least look closely at purchasing used equipment.

Grinding and Polishing

Choose used concrete grinding equipment (or used concrete polishing equipment) for varied or one-off projects where purchasing new just doesn’t make sense. Go over rough surfaces and smooth them out. Repair damaged concrete slabs. Remove epoxy or urethane thin-coats, paint build-up, and all kinds of other things that plague your concrete. Choose from gas or electric, whatever makes the most sense for your project.

Go wet, go dry. Go with whatever the project needs. With so many options and variables, renting or buying used equipment begins to make more and more sense. Some equipment has attached vacuums, while plenty of them don’t. You need to choose between gas and electric, but even within those categories, there are many additional options. You could get a 3-horse power 220V grinder or a 2-horse power 115V. How many horses do you need to power your project?

Don’t Forget About Your Other Options

What about all that other equipment? Whether renting or buying used, the additional equipment can be efficient and cost effective for so many people. What about all those preparation materials, accessories, and attachments you may need that are sure to come up before or while the grinding or polishing actually takes place? How about grinder attachments, such as sharpening tools, dust shrouds, and grinding stones?

Someone rents or even purchases new equipment nearly every day, and they get the greatest of deals. But, then, they have to backtrack and go through all the accessories and attachments that may still be needed. Cost-wise, those can add up. So stick with used.

Like cars, the trend towards used equipment in the concrete business has always been strong and warranted. It just makes sense. It isn’t like you are a child again and your sibling is giving you ABC gum. We all know what that means, right? (For those of you who don’t have siblings, it means “Already Been Chewed.” I know . . . yuck!). First of all, if anyone has been chewing on previously used concrete grinding equipment, then that person has a problem. But more importantly, it isn’t gum. Used equipment, like a used vehicle, can have a ton of great miles still left on it. So don’t stress too much about buying used when it comes to concrete work. In many cases, it just makes sense.

[December 26, 2013]