What Is Concrete Floor Polishing?

These days you see many different materials being used in new and exciting ways. Bamboo has taken over in a big way. There is bamboo furniture, bamboo flooring and even fabric made from bamboo. Concrete is another material that is being used in new and exciting ways. Concrete is now being used in molds to make sinks and countertops. It’s even been poured into molds of couches and chairs. Just add cushions and you’re all set. Concrete floors have moved into a new category as well. When you think of a concrete floor, you probably think of your basement floor or garage floor. Not very glamorous. But hold on, polished concrete is absolutely beautiful.

The art of concrete floor polishing takes your concrete floor, smoothes it out and polishes it to a luster you wouldn’t believe. It’s clean, gleaming and very professional looking. Now you just can’t run out and grab a sander like you would to refinish a wood floor. Concrete is more of a challenge. There are polished concrete floor contractors that know exactly what equipment to polish your concrete floor and other supplies they will need. There are several essential machines a concrete floor contractor will use. A polisher and grinder are key to this process. This is the machine that is the most similar to a wood floor sander but a lot more rugged. It would have to be to grind and polish concrete. The plates that go on this machine have diamond bonds attached to them to really get that concrete floor smooth and lustrous. A dust collector is definitely a handy machine to have along. You can imagine the mess the grinder and polisher will make. And it’s dangerous to breathe in concrete dust. Have an uneven concrete floor. A shaving and milling machine can take care of that problem. It’s a super rugged machine for very demanding jobs. When it’s time for the high luster to be added to your floor, the micro polisher is the machine the pros turn to.

All of the equipment to polish your concrete floors should be operated by experienced contractors. They know the correct machine to use for the type of concrete. They also have concrete treatments to put on your concrete to seal it and keep that floor gleaming. It may be a material that has been used for decades in basements and garages, but with concrete floor polishing, the concrete floor is gaining popularity for its durability and beauty.

[January 6, 2015]