What is needed for Polished Concrete Maintenance?

A popular choice in homes for flooring and countertops is polished concrete. The concrete can be ground down until it is smooth and shiny. It can be colored to whatever pigment the customer wants. Patterns can be put into the concrete to make it resemble tiles or wood flooring. The limits of this type of material is typically the imagination and the skill of the person doing the work.

It is possible to use this material for flooring or countertops in a do it yourself project or a person can hire a professional. It is a decision that people have to make on their own. The work requires some basic equipment that can be rented and that is readily available. The cost of the installation of this is often less than many other materials that are commonly used. Most people realize that the concrete will last a long time, but they are probably not are of what is involved in polished concrete maintenance. If a person does maintain their finished surfaces properly, it can last a long time and remain looking like new.

The maintenance of the concrete will require both daily routines and things that do not have to be done often. In general a concrete surface that has been properly maintained will have to be re-polished every 7 to 10 years. The exact amount of time will depend on the amount of traffic and use that he surface gets. The key is learning how to keep the surface clean.

  • The polished concrete should be dusted with a dry mop or duster daily. A non-abrasive cloth is the best way to do this without damaging the surface.
  • The surface can be cleaned with a wet cloth or mop when needed. A clean cloth with clean water should be used. If a cleaner is used, it should be a neutral floor cleaner that is capable of suspending the dust particles so they can be cleaned.
  • Spills should be cleaned and dried as soon as possible to prevent staining.
  • If there is grease or grime on the surface, it is best to apply the cleaner and allow it to sit for a short time before trying to clean the surface. The less scrubbing that is required, the better off the polished concrete is. Never allow the cleaning solution to dry on the surface.

Learning about polished concrete maintenance is something that anyone who has invested in the product should take the time to do. It will help them have a product they can be proud of for many years.

[May 7, 2015]