What to Expect from a Concrete Polishing Service

The idea of a polished concrete floor is something that many homeowners are considering. The wide variety of floor finishes, the durability and the cost are just a few of the reasons to consider this type of flooring. There are some people that think they can go rent a concrete polisher and take this project on one weekend when they have little else to do. Some of these people may be happy with the results they are able to get while others will be greatly disappointed and will be trying to figure out how to fix the mess they created.

Instead of trying to take on this job on your own, it may be better to turn to a professional that has the experience and the equipment to do the job right. The problem is that there are plenty of people that say they can do this type of job, but may not really be able to do it well. It is up to the consumer to learn what to expect form a concrete polishing service so they end up with the flooring they want.

  • The Right Equipment – A service that does polished concrete floors will have the right equipment to do the job. They should not rely on renting the equipment they need. The equipment they have should be in good repair and it should be capable of polishing the floors properly. They should also know what type of abrasive pads they will need to complete the job and they should bring them when they are ready to start the job.
  • Equipment to prep the floors – In order to do the job well, the first step is cleaning the floors. This requires basis equipment such as brooms and mops and a dust pan. A wet-vac is another great tool to see in use.
  • A plan – The plan for the finished product should be presented to the homeowner before it is started. This allows the homeowner to accept or decline any design that the service has come up with.
  • An estimate – The estimate should include the material that will be needed and the cost of the labor for the job. It should be in writing and should clearly spell out all the work that is to be completed.
  • Insurance – A good service provider will be insured in case there are any accidents while they are doing the work. They should not be relying on the homeowner’s insurance to cover them.
  • The experience – The more times a person uses the concrete polisher, the better job they will do. Ask for references and watch how they handle the machine to see if they look like they know what they are doing.

It may require a little time and effort to get all of these things in place. It is worth it to make sure that you end up with floors that you can be happy with for many years to come.

[April 13, 2015]