What you need to Know about Concrete Floor Finishing

The floors of the home play a very big role in the way the home looks. For many people the only type of flooring they will want in the home is traditional hardwood flooring. While hardwood is a nice type of flooring it can be very expensive and it is difficult to maintain. That is why many people are turning to concrete floor finishing as an option in their home. When it is done properly, a polished concrete floor can look amazing. It can take on different patterns and colors and can be made to look like high end flooring at a fraction of the cost.

There are several steps to creating the flooring that people want with concrete. It can be done with a brand new concrete floor or it can be done with a concrete floor that is already in place. The steps to creating the concrete floor finishing that is desired is something that can be done by the home handyman, although many people will turn to a professional to help accomplish it.

  • Preparation – The first step of any project is preparing the surface that you are going to use. The concrete floor should be identified for any potential problems. High and low points need to be identified and corrected if needed. The condition of the concrete should also be addressed. Any stains, minor cracks and blemishes should be corrected before polishing is started. It is also important to remove any sealer or coatings that are on the concrete before beginning.

  • Polishing – This is a process that allows you to get a progressively more polished finish. A polishing machine and abrasive materials will be needed. It starts with a rough grinding of the concrete and move to finer grades of polishing abrasives. It will usually require at least two passes over the concrete with each grade of abrasive that is used.
  • Densifying – This is a step that uses a chemical to harden the floor that has been polished. This is an important step to make sure the concrete surface is ready for the final polishing. When finished, the concrete will be protected from water and staining.
  • Final Polishing – This step using the polishing machine and a fine abrasive that will give the floor the shiny finish that is desired.
  • Protection – The last step is to apply a chemical to protect the polished concrete floor. This will help the floor last a long time and will help maintain the floor’s appearance.

[September 8, 2014]