Why Use Polished Concrete?

In a short time span, polished concrete floors have gained popularity. They look good and give the floor a superior and flawless look. The latest equipment and advanced techniques have made polished concrete flooring an instant hit amongst its users.

Polished Floor Benefits:

Durability: Polished concrete floor is durable and it doesn’t get damaged due to foot traffic, or any shuffling of furniture. Even heavy things can be smoothly moved on this floor without damaging it. As a matter of fact, this flooring does not get damaged by even forklift tires and if properly maintained doesn’t get stained by oil, grease and chemicals. This flooring does not peel off or crack, like other traditional floorings.

East to clean: Polished concrete floor is easy to clean and occasional mopping can help maintain the sheen.

Vast Choice: With a wide variety of designs, colors and shades, this type of floor is immensely tempting and mesmerizing.

Increases Brightness: This flooring increases the brightness of the room and makes even small rooms appear bigger and vibrant.

Option to Select the Level of Shine: Since the process of polishing includes a number of steps, it is up to the customer to decide how much shine he wants on his floor. For extra smoothness, more polishing needs to be done.

Comparison with its competitors: When compared with a tiled floor, real stone, overlays and carpeted floors, concrete polishing is cheaper and more durable.

Who should Use this type of Flooring?

A polished concrete floor is ideal for showrooms, offices, residences, restaurants, hotels, garages, and warehouses, just to name a few.

Can all Types of Concrete be polished?

This is a very pertinent question and one of the most frequently asked. The answer to this is almost all concrete floors can be polished. For a new floor, the polishing work starts after about four weeks from the time the floor has been laid. But for an old floor, some basic preparation needs to be done. The floor needs to be cleaned and be made free from dirt, coatings and such other things. The floor may require to be leveled to get best results. Also, polishing is difficult for floors which are immensely porous, or which require patching.

So, now when you decide to get your house or office renovated remember, polished concrete flooring can make a big difference.

[September 24, 2013]